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Ručník LUSTR 2022

Ručník LUSTR 2022

Sarah Maria Schmidt

Illustrated towels from Austria based artist Sarah Marii Schmidt (Haras Ananas).

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Haras‘ works emerge from daily observations regarding human interactions in urban landscapes. Situations, where different environments collide, are quickly captured in her sketchbook. Later these drawings are turned into a new construct which could be a painting, comic, animation, print, tattoo, installation or else. Her subjective view of the world is thereby mirrored in lines and shapes, narrative and composition.

Haras is a founding member of the collective Potato Publishing, which runs an open (riso)print studio, maintains a zine library, hosts residencies, organizes selfpublishing events and workshops.

Sarah Maria Schmidt / Haras (Ananas)
machine washable
200 × 100 cm
40% cotton, 60% polyester