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Phreak issue 001

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Phreak issue 001

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The word 'freak' can be defined as 'a young person devoted to the counter-culture or alternative society,' 'an offensively eccentric or crazy person' or 'a monstrosity, often as exhibited in a show.' That said, people on the pages of my magazine are not necessarily freaks. They are 'phreaks,' a term which is a contraction of 'phone freak' and means something along the lines of hacking into communication systems. An alternative fashion, arts and culture publication, Phreak urges its reader to take a phreaking break from all the bullshit happening online and opt for a night-time stroll down subterranean Eastern Europe. Phreak issue one features Amo Bagratuni's captivating take on Armenia's devastating conflict and looks back on Riga's Untamed Fashion Assembly — a riotous celebration of trashion that Andrew Logan frequented in the 90s. It takes a look at George Nebieridze's nauseating visual tales of ordinary madness and re-watches Andrzej Żuławski's mind-bending films. Bárbara Sánchez-Kane tells Phreak why she does not want to paint inside the 'fucking lines,' and Adrien Flores shares the tales that teeth have told him. The magazine has compiled a Decameron of its own; proposing clubs as an ultimate form of togetherness, a social glue (and a numbing agent) that binds these phreaks together.

P.S. Phreak will not be responsible for nightmares, nausea or obsessive thoughts its pages might induce.

Nini Barbakadze is a Georgian-born, London-based fashion journalist and editor who has written for METAL, LOVE Magazine, YEAR ZERO, and Forbes Georgia, focusing mainly on underground fashion and art. She has interviewed creative leaders, including artists and designers ranging from Andrew Logan to Whitaker Malem, musicians such as Helena Hauff and SOKO and photographers like Greg Gorman and Robert Fairer.

Runner-up of the Tank x Montblanc Fashion Writing Prize in 2018 and 2021 Farfetch scholar Nini successfully graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2021 with a degree in Fashion Communication: Fashion Journalism. Nini has worked for The Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine and NOWNESS. In 2019 she worked alongside Ibrahim Kamara, the influential stylist and editor-in-chief of Dazed, on various projects.

In May 2021, Nini edited, art directed and launched PHREAK, a bi-annual alternative fashion, arts and culture publication, with a particular emphasis on Eastern European underground culture.

Nini Barbakadze
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