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Poor Heraldix

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Poor Heraldix

Visual Rothwelsh Catalogue from 2020, which shows a decaying city consisting of well-ornamented buildings.

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This is a visual Rothwelsh Catalogue from 2020, which shows a decaying city consisting of well-ornamented buildings. These buildings cannot cover up a landscape of very insecure people that lost their trust in everything that surrounds them. The future is already in debt, which turns the present into a place without rules or believes. People drink and challenge themselves in unnecessary and unsustainable ways that do not have any positive effect on their lives.

Before nature there is Architecture. Nature can only be seen, when the architecture decays. In the moment the real estate market started to stagnate and less money was put into the maintenance of buildings, when the soil got more expensive than the building itself: That was the moment plants started to crawl out of gaps and cracks.

At the end nobody was surprised that the gang signs will be the official language one day. The Fraktur typeface, based on broken bones was just that. It was coded in a way that only certain people were able to decipher it. It was hard to read. Letters consisting of roots in the woods of the vandals.

We came back to a time where the writing and reading direction would be variable again as it was 400 b.C. We were able to write from top to bottom, from right to left or even diagonally. Writing started to be spatial again and even bustrophedone writing was widely accepted again. The texts formed topographic spaces that could develop in all spatial direc- tions. Every Letter was a defined space with clear limits that could be used for building.

The text were only names, that did not intend to have a dramaturgy or neither an involvement with neighboring texts. They would just stand for themselves, holding up a shield, declaring dynasties and family connections. It was a complex heraldic system that only few people would have access too and every entrance to a fortress would mean, to be covered in tar again. Every stranger would get attacked by the guards using hot melted tar that was im- possible to remove from cloth or hair. It was the tar that would get absorbed by the skin and leak into the nerve system of the body. It was the same tar that was used to paint the lower part of buildings to avoid water from penetrating the walls. It was the same black that was used to write on the walls.

P Vector Codierer (Diamonds)
20 x 27 cm
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