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We are Page Five!

We are a young bookstore and publisher specializing in sale and publishing of art books, periodicals, and original prints.

We are obsessed with paper, books, and various forms of visual culture! We don’t aim to take a stand for or against strictly selected trends, but to offer a wide range of publications and materials on subject of fine art and theory, design, architecture, photography and poetry. Our goal is to promote the work of young artists and cultural opinion leaders through our publishing work and thus directly contribute to the promotion of local cultural environment within the Czech Republic and abroad.


The vast majority of our products will be based in the English language or Czech/English versions, and we plan to distribute both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We see our cooperation with foreign partners - publishers and bookstores – as a mean how to promote the work of young Czech artists internationally. At the same time, it is an opportunity to locally introduce many foreign publications and periodicals that are not available in the Czech Republic.

In addition to our publishing work, we are  fascinated with bringing the printed word and image to life. Therefore, the exhibition activity will be an integral part of our portfolio, namely the exhibition projects related to the books we publish and by the authors or groups we collaborate with. We decided to dedicate our store window to these artists.


We are a bookstore and publishing company. We are fans of paper art and visual culture. We offer a place for meeting, mingling, learning, reading and browsing. We are an open concept project with an infinite number of pages and sheets.